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Reliable Freight Forwarding Service

LAT Maritime is a freight forwarder and logistics coordinator that serves as your in-house exporting expertise. We streamline the shipping process by expertly handling your cargo from origin to final destination. 

Lat Maritime has been in the freight forwarding business for 18 years, with 38 years of experience in the cargo industry. We pride ourselves on being able to blueprint even the most difficult logistics projects. No location is out of our reach, and no cargo too challenging. 


Professional Services

Some of What We Provide:

  • Quoting and securing freight costs for shippers

  • Booking shipments with common carriers

  • Preparing all documentation required for export/import

  • Arranging trucking services for domestic and foreign inland transit

  • Handling logistics for efficient international trade and resource allocation


Ocean Freight

LAT Maritime specializes in providing ocean freight forwarding services. Whether moving whole tanks, pallets or parcels, this is a great option for most international business, large and small. 

Air Carrier Booking

We specialize in providing international air freight forwarding services. This option is ideal for cargo with limited time constraints. 

Trucking & Handling

If your cargo is staying local or needs a ride to or from the port, we can schedule convenient pick-up and drop-offs to ensure your cargo gets where it needs to be within time constraints. 

How Can We Help?

We help business, large and small, open their market globally. We work to provide you with expertise and guidance with your international shipments to ensure your business is able to provide the world with your products. We can offer an array of transportation modes to fit your budget and timelines. 

Why We're Different?

Unlike huge shipping corporations that are too large to offer personalized service, LAT Maritime is a boutique style business with the ability to meet the needs of the most challenging cargo restraints. We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service that follows your cargo from start to finish. 


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